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What a difference a year can make! Resolutions & Intentions...oh my!

Wow! It has been OVER a year since I last posted to this blog, and while many things have changed, I'm really happy to say that my re-commitment to my personal yoga practice has continued and has evolved into a professional yoga teaching practice which began at the first of 2015.

Last year I made an intention to become healthier...body and mind...and set forth to bring that to fruition in a way that may seem foreign to practicing "Santosha" or contentment, one of yogas 10 ethical guidelines, in a way that may also seem not seeking it.

"The paradox of not seeking contentment, allows us to appreciate what we have." "It is the true understanding that there is nothing more that can or does exist than this very moment. When we are purely in the moment, the moment is complete. When we do something in the moment to fulfill an expectation for another moment, for instance exercising to get our bodies to look a certaain way rather than for the pure joy of movement, we will miss contentment. When action is complete in the moment, and the process is being enjoyed for the pure joy of the process, action becomes being, and being becomes contentment." Deborah Adele "The Yamas & Niyamas".

So, instead of making a "resolution" to lose weight and be less stressed, I set an intention to practice being in the moment and giving my body and mind what it needed most. I'm not going to lie...sometimes what my body needed (or wanted) most was chocolate I gave it chocolate cake. But I found that as I practiced this way of thinking more, I wanted chocolate cake less and began to crave things that made my body feel, meditation & healtheir food options.

This practice of contentment eventually began spilling over into other areas of my way of way of BEING.

I don't know where I'll be in another year...but I know this...I'll be content.

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