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"Sunrise" Yoga

Although sunrise isn't technically until 7:25 this morning in Burlington, NC I promptly arrived in the yoga studio this morning at 6:00 am for the first day of my personal "sunrise" yoga practice. I've practiced yoga for years, at times regularly, at times....not so much. Today is the day that I've formally recommitted myself to my personal practice.

As a massage therapist I always recommend yoga because it's one of the many forms of self-care there is. When I do yoga (or...after I've finished) I feel like I've had a massage from the inside. I'm looser and more flexible, yet relaxed and focused...all at the same time.

Try yoga if you haven't already...your body will thank you!


#sunriseyoga #burlingtonnc #elon #graham #mebane #gibsonville #selfcare

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